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I’m always reading. It’s something I do very well and love. On average I take in about two to three hundred pages a day, which includes books, articles, essays, and literary works in print and online journals.

I collect works through sites like Netgalley, Edelweiss, and Goodreads as well as my own purchases and the works I receive from authors or independent presses/publishers. I’m always looking for more to read and to share.

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Reviews of 2019


When We Were Brave, Karla M. Jay, Book Circle Press, 2019 

Meet Me in the Future, Kameron Hurley, Tachyon, 2019

Little Weirds, Jenny Slate, Little Brown, 2019

The Color of Rock, Sandra Cavallo Miller, University of Nevada Press, 2019

Kingdom: Tiber City Blues, Anderson O’Donnell, Montag Press, 2019

#MeAsWell, Peter Mehlman, Sager Group, 2019

Shades of Magic, Vol. 1: The Steel Prince, V. E. Schwab; Andrea Olimpieri, Illustrator, Titan Comics, 2019

Single and Sixty, Janie Jurkovich, Golden Spiral Press, 2019

Shut Your Eyes, Succubi, Kristin Garth, Maverick Duck Press, 2019

All Roads Lead To Lawrence, Craig Leener, Green Buffalo Press, 2019

Paddle to Paddle, Lois Chapin, Nightingale Rose Publications, 2019

The Raffle, Randy Smith, Rude Cat, 2019

Eternal Shadow, Trevor B. Williams, 2019

My Swan Lake Life, Louise Blocker, L & L Publishing, 2019

Tetrastatum, Dr. Richard & Tim Smith, Epigraph Publishing, 2019

Adeline, Mark Torres, Indie Owl Press, 2019

How Beautiful They Were, Boston Teran, High-Top Publishing, 2019

Earnest Citizenship, Michael Sullivan, Oxford University Press, 2019

Reborn Again, Christopher VanHall, Christoper Drury, 2019

The Light Brigade, Kameron Hurley, Saga Press 2019

Look How Happy I’m Making You, Polly Rosenwaike, Doubleday 2019

Burn Fortune, Brandi Homan, Clash Books, 2019

Manson Exposed, Ivor Davis, Cockney Kid Publishing, 2019

Chula the Fox, Anthony Perry, White Dog Press, 2018

Moctu and the Mammoth People, Neil Bockoven, Waldorf Publishing, 2019

Irreversible Damage, JL Ruiz, WPR Books, 2019

Follow the Feeling, Lisa West, Spiraling-In Publications, 2019

Fierce Truth, Fran Sutton-Williams, 2019

The Immortal Muse, Mandy Jackson-Beverly, Cricket Publishing, 2019

Born Biracial, Susan Graham, Memories Press, 2019

Leaving, Marguerite Morris, Bowker, 2019

The One That Got Away, Clint Hofer, Page Publishing, 2019

Laughter Includes the Word, Doug Snelson, Petalous Publishing, 2019

Last Exit to Montauk, Phillip Vega, TheWordVerve, 2019

A Breach in the Heavens, N.S. Dolkart, Angry Robot, 2018

Stars Uncharted, S.K.Dunstall, Ace, 2018

War and Money, Sofia Diana Gabel, SD Books, 2019

Wicked Saints, Emily A. Duncan, Wednesday Books, 2019

White Gloves & Rob Roys, Ilona Joy Saari, 211th Street Books, 2017

Losers Gallery, G.J. Prager, JV Books, 2019

I Slept in Hitler’s Bed, Jay Balter, Mandalora Books, 2018

Acid and Bribery, Jeanne Ann Off, LitFire, 2010

Falling Into Freedom, Michael Doud, 4th Horse Fitness, 2018

Notes from the Fog: Stories, Ben Marcus, Knopf, 2018

Law and Addiction, Mike Papantonio, Waterside Productions, 2019

Only Human, Norbert Soski, Straight-Up Soulutions, 2019

On Being Mistaken, Laura Buccieri, PANK Books, 2018

Anaphora, Kevin Goodan, Alice James Books, 2018

The Fire Lit & Nearing, J.G. McClure. Indolent Books, 2018



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