Book Reviews & Review Policy

From 2008 until 2014, I edited an online review of books called Gently Read Literature. Its focus was presenting reviews of contemporary poetry and literary fiction. 

Since ending that project and becoming a self-published author, I’ve realized just how difficult it is for indie writers to get their work noticed. Reviews matter more when you’re an indie author or genre writer. Because of this, I’ve decided to open my site up to featuring reviews of indie and genre authors. 


If you would like to submit your book for review email me ( Include whatever promo materials, links, or images you’d like to have included alongside a digital copy of the book (PDF or Mobi).

I write reviews of at least 500 words for a flat fee of $50 that is non-refundable.

Payment can be sent via Paypal to:

You can use PayPal.Me:


No review will be posted until payment is received.

All reviews are honest appraisals. The review will be posted to Amazon, Goodreads, and other social media sites. All star ratings are rounded up, so a 3.5 star review on my site becomes a 4 star review on Amazon/Goodreads. 


Rating System

♦◊◊◊◊–1 Star: Poorly conceived and written, not worth anyone’s time

♦♦◊◊◊–2 Stars: Limited audience, mediocre writing

♦♦♦◊◊–3 Stars: Solid writing, decent ideas and execution, genre appropriate

♦♦♦♦◊–4 Stars: Good writing, engaging ideas and execution

♦♦♦♦♦–5 Stars: Superb writing, excellent ideas and execution, appealing to all audiences

Reviews Published
Need to get a sense of the kind of reviews I write? Here are some links (blue are commissioned reviews, red are non-commissioned) to my most recent essays: 


Reviews of 2018

Territory of Light, Yuko Tsushima, trans. Geraldine Harcourt, FSG, 2019

Debussy: A Painter in Sound, Stephen Walsh, Knopf, 2018

Dragging Anchor, Keri Marinda Smith, Hanging Loose Press, 2018

Downdrift, Johanna Drucker, Three Rooms Press, 2018

The Singularity Witness, Dan Grant, MindScape Press, 2018

Don Roberto’s Daughter: Natasha, Connor Royce, Christian Faith Publishing, 2018

Evil Winds, Michael Shusko, 2018

Dragon’s Shadow, Allison Morse, Wild Rose Press, 2018

The Canary Connection, Phillip Spolin, 2018

Destroy All Monsters, Jeff Jackson, FSG, 2018

Dance of Deception, Kim Simons, Page Publishers, 2018

Snitchin’ In Augusta, Georgia, Bret Steele, Xlibris, 2018

If My Heart Had Wings, Nadine Taylor, Taylor-Fox Publishing, 2018

The Emissary, Tamara Veitch & Rene Defazio, Waterside Press, 2018

Guarding Savage, David Edlund, Light Messages, 2018

Light Magic for Dark Times, Lisa Marie Basile, Fair Winds Press, 2018

At the Butcher Counter of Life, Janet Parmely, Wheatmark, 2018

Last Call America, Debra Tash, Long Canyon Press, 2018

This Business of the Flesh, C. Kubasta, Apprentice House Press, 2018

Timeless, R.A. Salvatore, Harper Voyager, 2018

Timeless, R.A. Salvatore, Harper Voyager, 2018

The Awakening of La Muse, S. R. Strickland, 2018

I Will Not Kick My Friends, Kathleen Winter, Elixir Press, 2018

The Road Between Us, Christopher Briscoe, Shifting Gears Publications, 2018

A Cottonwood Stand, Chuck Redman, Sunstone Press, 2018

Four’s Destiny, Michael Powell, Movement Publishing, 2018

Transmission Loss, Chelsea Jennings, University of Massachusetts Press, 2018

All That Held Us, Henrietta Goodman, BkMk Press, 2018

Battle at the Comic Expo, Richard Andreoli, 2018

The Wolf of Oren-Yaro, K.S. Villoso, Liam’s Vigil Publishing, 2018

Avaland, Amy Croucher Rose, Lark Services, 2018

The Rending and The Nest, Kaethe Schwehn, Bloomsbury, 2018

A Psychic Affair, Astrid Brown, Thorned Rose Publications, 2018

Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge,  Andrew R. Williams, Wings Epress, 2017

Captive Bride, Marjorie Hersom, ReadersMagnet, 2018

The Future of Us, Irwin Redlener, Columbia University Press, 2017

Billy, Shirley Dawson, Mirador Publishing, 2017

What’s Wrong With US?, Bruce Arena and Steve Kettmann, Harper, 2018

Cancer Songs, Ron Graves, LEB Books, 2017

Death and Taxes, Mark Zaslove, Aperient Press, 2018

Hag, Kathleen Kaufman, Turner Publishing, 2018

Beyond the Surface, Matt Hebert, 2018

Seven Steps to Inner Power, Tae Yun Kim, Mountain Tiger Press, 2018

State of the Nation, David Jackson Ambrose, The TMG Firm, 2018

Poems of Life, Love, and The Meaning of Meaning, Wren, Year of the Book Press, 2018

Duped X3 Liars, Alice-Rose Trent, Youcaxton Publications, 2017

Bitten, Alan Moore, 2018

Devolution of a Species, M.E. Ellington, 2017

Consolationeer, Marc McKee, Black Lawrence Press, 2017

Crash!: Leading Through the Wreckage, Carla Moore, Forbes Books, 2018

Tomas, JM Georgesson, Completely Novel, 2017 

Ghost Bully, Brian Corley, 2018

We Care For You, Paul Kitcatt, Unbound, 2017

Bring the Noise: The Jürgen Klopp Story, Raphael Honigstein , Nation Books, 2018

Flat Broke with Two Goats, Jennifer McGaha, Sourcebooks, 2018

Pleasure Not Meating You: A Science-Based Approach to the Vegan Lifestyle (And Some Recipes, Too) Melody Schoenfeld, Evil Munky Publishing, 2017

Alchemy for Cells & Other BeastsMaya Jewell Zeller, Entre Rios Books, 2017


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