Fantasy Novels

I have several ongoing writing projects. Currently, my primary effort is focused on completing my non-magic, high fantasy series Ascendant Realms. Thus far, I’ve written and self-published three novels in the series: Adversaries Together, Winterfinding, and The Punishment Hand. Book four is currently titled Bone Weary, and I hope to have it completed soon.


bone weary 4
My current working cover for Bone Weary

Ascendant Realms

The Punishment Hand

Ascendant Realms #3

ThePunishmentHand cover

In this third installment of the Ascendant Realms series, our scattered heroes come together as the plots, schemes, and stratagems that had divided and threatened them are made clear.

In the Cathedral city of Sulecin, Wynne Landis is sequestered as the religion of the world debates to elect a new Patriarch. Also in the city, the priestess Kira Ambrose, the disgraced paladin Goshen Staad, Wynne’s daughter Fery, and the mercenary Declan Rainway are desperately trying to stay one-step ahead of those hunting them while searching for a way to reach Wynne. With the arrival of the free ranger Jena Char, the group finally reunites before shattering apart again due to intrigue within the Cathedral.

A rival nation’s army is still on the doorstep of the city as news has finally arrived of a gigantic armada from far southern city of Lappala its intention entirely unclear. Pinned between two looming threats, the newly elected Patriarch will set into action a series of events that will upend the world of Syr Nebra. Still caught in the machinations of the powerful, but now determined to do all they can to oppose the dark dealings, Kira, Goshen, Wynne, Fery, Declan, and Jena fight to stay together.

All the while in the far north, Roth has been given a key by his mysterious order, which could roll back hostilities. He leaves his sanctuary searching for his compatriots.



Ascendant Realms #2


Winterfinding, book two of the Ascendant Realms series, picks up after where Adversaries Together left off.

After defeating the pirate mercenary Asa Salda, Avery Roth leaves his new allies and goes north to deliver to his elders–the mysterious Caretakers–the orphaned child Colm.

Meanwhile, Jena Char erases any traces of the group to prevent or stall any further bounty hunters. Wynne Landis has gone to the seat of the world’s dominate religion, The Cathedral in the city of Sulecin, in the hopes of negotiating an end the siege of his home city of Rikonen. His daughter Fery stays by the side of the fallen paladin Goshen Staad, the mercenary Declan Rainway, and the priestess Kira Ambrose as they discover more about who is pursuing them and why.

All the while, the Seven Spires has amassed an army set to conquer Rikonen with The Cathedral’s blessing. But before it can set out on its war path, intrigue unsettles The Cathedral as word arrives of an armada from the far southern nation of Lappala–Do they want war? Trade? Or something else?


Adversaries Together

Ascendant Realms #1


Adversaries Together is the first book in the new fantasy adventure series Ascendant Realms.

In this opening installment, we are introduced the to the men and women who will go about changing their world, Syr Nebra. The political intrigues of city-states attempting to become nations and eventually empires, as they vie for control of resources as well as the hearts and minds of the numerous human races, is the focus of the series.

In the world of Syr Nebra, there is no such thing as magic, yet every human clings to their faith and country. The nation of The Seven Spires has imperial ambitions while the seat of the world’s great religion, The Cathedral, plots its own crusade to control the world. The once prosperous city of Rikonen has been under siege for more than a thousand days and is crumbling. All the while, deep to the south the city of Lappala, the only source of the most precious substance in the world, is a sleeping giant.

Avery Roth is a wanderer scratching out a living in the hinterlands trying to avoid the religious zealots of The Cathedral and the imperial ambitions of The Seven Spires. But when a young woman and her paladin guardian literally run into him in the wild as they are fleeing bandits, he is entangled in a web that tightens the more he struggles to free himself and others. Roth aids the duo on their way but in so doing is drawn into the duplicitous schemes of the elites from rival realms.


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