All You Need to Know About Me

This portrait comes from the amazing @BrittSabo


I was born in Kansas, was raised in Wisconsin, consider myself a Minnesotan, and currently live in Kentucky.

author pic.jpg

In 2003, I walked away from the University of Notre Dame with a MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry).
I’m casually profane, a feminist, a radical pacifist, and a Green socialist. I love storytelling in all forms–movies, cartoons, television, music, etc. I tweet a lot (@misanthropester), read a lot, and am always looking for a new conversation.



3 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About Me

  1. I would love to hear more about your ND MFA experience. Also, did you post my Meet the Writer feature of Kim Koga on Reddit? I tried to join the site so I could share more posts because I got a lot of hits from Kim being on there, but I was officially banned from /r/literature for being a “spammer” two days after I created a Reddit account…I’ve been lingering on there for years with no account, so I thought I was taking a big step. I have a hate/it’s okay relationship with Reddit.

    1. Yeah, that was me sharing the Koga feature. Reddit is weird. They call any sharing of your own stuff spam & love to ban folks for it (though they do nothing about harassment or hate-speech), even if you’ve shared a whole lot of other stuff that’s not your own writing. This is my way of saying that I’ve just been banned too by the same logic you were. It’s painfully stupid sometimes, especially when you just want to share neat stuff. But Reddit encourages comments (ie, vitriol) rather than signal boosting or aggregation.

      My time at ND was rather scattered. I took a leave of absence after my first year in the MFA, worked, then came back to finish, had thesis drama, and then finally got my MFA the year after I should have. Back then I was Daniel Sumrall (when I married I took my wife’s name). If you want to chat more, send me an email or DM– or over on Twitter, @misanthropester.

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