Book Review: Art & Creaky Bones by Sheila Reid

Art & Creaky Bones 
Sheila Reid 
Rush Editions, 2019

3.5 Stars


It would be difficult to not be taken by Sheila Reid’s work collected in Art and Creaky Bones. Her paintings like the one pictured above invite onlookers to consider how Reid’s bend and blend of color urges us to consider both movement and time. 

Unlike many art book collections, Reid ponders her individual works presented while also seeing the arc of her entire body of work. As she takes the reader through her creative process we let the images resonate. Pondering not their meaning but their impact.

Art and Creaky Bones explores aging, certainly, but it would be more accurate to say it is a meditation on maturing. Both as an individual and a painter. We see this when Reid writes, “We usually feel more sure of ourselves. Or let’s be honest, we just no longer care what others think of our creative work. The main person it makes happy is ourselves. And even if no one else understands it, it may still fulfill something important in our life.”


Sheila Reid was born in Minneapolis. She studied at the experimental Montieth College at Wayne State University, at the Center for Creative Studies University in Detroit and at the Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. This last feature explains why half of Art and Creaky Bones is in French, a simple way to augment one’s experience of the paintings collected.

Another aspect of Reid’s work is its inspirational content. As an artist who’s been creating for nearly 50 years with work in museums around the world, the creaky bones of Reid’s title are her own. Reid points out these works are some of her most colorful ever. We feel the warmth and health in her works 

Spending time with these images and letting Reid’s voice fill our mind as we consider them makes for a delightful time. One can’t help but feel her work resonate and inspire.


About the Author

Sheila Reid is one of few women artists exhibited and collected by museums around the world. She began successfully working in Milan, Italy in 1972 where she sold all her paintings for the first 5 years.

About 30 years ago she stopped selling her work and began exhibiting only in museums.
Many of them have collected her works. She has written 6 books plus numerous Artist Books, some of which are in museum collections in Japan, Egypt and Azerbaijan.

Other museums that have exhibited her works include; Palazzo Arengario in Milan, Italy;
the ICA in London; the Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon; the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City; the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in Canada; the Grand Palais in Paris; and the Musee de Luxembourg at the Paris Senate; plus many others in different countries.

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