First Edition of Casino Royale Recently Sold for A Record Amount at Auction

First Edition of Casino Royale Recently Sold for A Record Amount at Auction

Credit – James Bond Lifestyle

A rare first edition of the James Bond novel Casino Royale has recently sold for a record amount at an auction in Scotland.

A report by the Scotsman explains how writer Ian Fleming’s first 007 novel fetched a whopping £55,000 ($70,768) at auction in Edinburgh, more than tripling the £12,000-£16,000 ($15,400-$20,500) estimate put on it.

There were only 4,728 first editions sold; once they’d been snapped up Fleming was offered a three-book deal and the second edition came out. This item was also lucky to survive as it had been inscribed ‘Alastair, from the author, read and burn’.

It’s not the first time an Ian Fleming first edition has reached a big sum at auction. A rare first edition of Live and Let Die made £30,000 ($38,600), which was six times its original estimate, whilst the Book Bond states how another went for £13,750 ($17,700). Another Fleming classic, The Man with the Golden Gun, was sold for £4,625 ($5950), while a rare edition of Diamonds are Forever made £2,375 ($3055).

Casino Royale stands tall above in the series as the very first to introduce James Bond to the world; a character known and loved across the globe. Its legacy has seen a multitude of films and books published, with Bond and the actors who have played him becoming as much a part of British culture as the Tower of London and Big Ben.

The recent Casino Royale film, starring Daniel Craig, also introduced a whole generation of players to poker. A report by the Express tells how the scene in which Bond is poisoned in a casino was voted as the best poker scene in a film in a poll. It also brought the game to the attention of the public, featuring so critically in such a high-profile movie.

Both the book and the film helped people to understand poker terms and how the game is played, sparking further interest. partypoker’s glossary feature shows the many terms associated with the card game which further helped players eager to emulate their favorite secret agent, who is seen outwitting the villain Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelsen.

The Bond juggernaut has continued to move forward beyond Fleming’s books, with Daniel Craig also starring in Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre. Whilst the stories are now being written by teams of writers, a hunger remains for classic copies of Fleming’s first books, as Cathy Marsden, book specialist at Lyon & Turnbull, explained: “First editions of Fleming’s Bond novels are highly sought after, particularly those published in the 1950s, prior to the first James Bond film release, Dr No, in 1962.”

The £55,000 ($70,768) paid for Casino Royale may have set a new record for now, but whenever a first edition Fleming novel comes to auction there is a clamour and excitement and it is likely that other copies are out there waiting to be snapped up by hungry collectors for even bigger sums in the future.

If you’re hoping to discover the next Ian Fleming, why not check out some of my book reviews boasting a wide range of genres and styles?

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