Red Banks: A Job Well Done

Previous Session

In the first session of play, I broke up the action into two parts. The first was focused on the player characters Rua’ratha (cleric) and Reckless Claw (ranger). The pair’s backstory has them as a duo of ex-monster hunters, specifically, lycanthropes. Rua’ratha worked for the Badispor city guard but soon went out on her own as a detective of sorts partnering with Reckelss Claw, a lynx Shifter. Although the details aren’t clear, in the course of one of their adventures, Rua’ratha was bitten and infected with the were-creature curse. However, the god Aureon intervened turning Rua’ratha into a Shifter (fox). 

The two have been working low level cases throughout the city. Recently, the duo was contacted by the personal butler of Marshal Hurley, a burgher of Badispor whose clearinghouse handles most of the bounty as well as trading within the city. Malcolm, the butler, informed the pair that the Marshal’s mansion had recently been burgled and Hurley’s signet ring was taken, and Malcolm has charged the two with getting it back as soon as possible.

The two have located the fence and petty thief Nettles who they know has in his possession a signet ring. They’ve tracked Nettles to a safe house and are staking it out waiting for him to show himself. Soon, Nettles emerges. Keeping their distance but attempting to blend in with the ordinary walking street traffic, the two bounty hunters pretend to be a couple enjoying a night out as they tail Nettles.


However, it’s not long before Nettles sniffs the air seeming to detect something is not right. Reckless Claw is able to see just enough of Nettles’ hooded face to realize he has a sort of hybrid humanoid/rat look to him. As Nettles moves faster, he seems to be heading towards a large open market with many individuals selling, shopping, and milling about. The bounty hunters attempt to move closer, splitting up to potentially flank him. In the marketplace, Nettles moves to try to put as much space between himself and the people he thinks are following him. Just as he’s about to run, the pair grab hold of him.

I printed out this marketplace from 2-Minute Tabletop

Terrified, Nettles seems to turn his appearance to than of a thin, frail human and begins screaming calling out to any and everyone around them that the bounty hunters are robbing him attempting to steal his pass to the interior. Several rough but burly looking workers who had been sitting around a fire stand and come towards the pair. Rua’ratha attempts to defuse the situation by flashing a fake guard badge and speaking with the kind of authority she had when she was part of the city guard. The workers are hesitant but still skeptical. Reckless Claw attempts to also calm the gathering crowd down while trying to subdue Nettles.

At first Rua’ratha is able to subdue Nettles thanks to a charm spell but soon he breaks free of it. As common folk seem to start running away from the scene the workers close in convinced Reckless Claw and Rua’ratha are up to something shady. A combination of intimidation, persuasion, and some punches thrown convince the workers to not interfere. However, during this altercation Nettles panics transforming into a rat. As he does so, Rua’ratha discovers she’s only holding emptied clothes. Looking around she’s able to spy a rat streaking its way away from them getting off an attack of opportunity kicking at it. 

Mens Sterling Silver Lion Ring-2-600x600.jpg

Nettles escapes but leaves behind his clothes in which the bounty hunters discover the signet ring and an official looking wax-sealed letter. As the pair work their way back through the city to report back to Malcolm, they read the letter:

Marshal Hurley

I am certain this will find you well. Please forgive my brusqueness. As we have both in the past had to endure the wild whims of family, I entreat you to post this bounty through your clearinghouse. I am in need of skilled individuals to recover my heir, Badou, who has been tricked into venturing off with my former consort Spir. I have given a detailed description and sketch of each on the opposite side of this letter, feel free to disseminate it. I am offering 10,000 aurens to whomever returns Badou to me. I care not what befalls Spir. Be advised, my ex-consort believes he is on a noble mission to defeat some religious zealots. Having heard rumors of new cults springing up in your lands, I’ve decided Spir may be in your territory or coming through it.

Enclosed is the appropriate fee for this listing as well as a token of my thanks to you for facilitating this.

With deepest respect and thanks

Brazza Karni’une

Written in a sloppy script along the margins is ‘Nissea Ruins, Quillian?‘ As the two discuss the letter, they’re able to figure out it must have been taken from the Hurley mansion at the same time the ring was. There are clear wererat scratches (which both are certain Nettles was) unsealing the letter implying this has only been read by Nettles and themselves. They decide to keep this information to themselves for now and depending on how the meeting with Malcolm goes mention it to him then. As it’s late the two decide to rest for the evening and return to claim their reward in the morning.

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