For Needless Reasons

Over the last few years, I’ve become more interested in tarot and astrology. Not as a real thing or a belief, but as both an entertaining self-care practice and as a metaphorical exploration (by which I mean, it is an interesting method for generating literary and philosophical ideas).

I am by no means an authority or even a to a novice level of comprehension of the practice. Yet I do love fantasy in all its guises finding it a fruitful field of speculation. Perhaps my first attempt at using astrology/tarot in this way was my poem ‘Astraea,’ recently published in Moonchild Magazine. The poem was a project-work–it had set rules for composition, a fixed subject, and fixed timeline. I think it works well as it is intimately tied to the time period it was written in but speaks in a manner that gives it some lasting import. At least, so I hope. Point is, that poem was my first active engagement with astrology/tarot.


There are other projects. I’m currently writing a Dungeons & Dragons campaign built around monstrous images of the Zodiac. I’m also finding the work of poets and prose writers who are more deeply and seriously involved with astrology/tarot moving and fascinating. 


Today, I went to the site Astro-Chart. There you enter in your birth information and it generates a rather lovely and intricate birth chart.

astrology chart

However, I have no idea what it means. Perhaps, when I have the extra funds, I’ll order its explanation but until then I have this peculiar bit of information just waiting to be parsed and elucidated.

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