Incongruous Coterie: Unlikely D&D Characters, Part 1


I’ve always wanted to play a pacifist, but in a game like D&D, such a character would be quite challenging. However, I did come up with something that could have worked–a feral tiefling paladin. The character was very demonic looking–goat-like lower half, blood red skin, a humanoid torso but clawed hands, huge and curling ibex-like horns, and face looking like Darkness from legend. Essentially, this character would have the blood of Baphomet running through their veins.


The concept was, this tiefling was so clearly demonic it wasn’t merely shunned but chased out and hunted down whenever it came into contact with even the slightest bit of civilization. The twist was instead of becoming bitter, this tiefling developed the resolve to forgive and defend others from such persecution. Its deity would be similar to Eldath or the minor Greek god Eirene–calm, peace, non-violence, and restitution would be its values. In a way, it would be attempting to atone for the curse in its bloodline but would also be striving to set an example for others to inspire redemption of all kinds.

It would take the Oath of Redemption using its magic to compel those who sought violent means or committed violent acts to cease them. Spells like Sanctuary, Sleep, Command, or Shield of Faith would be its bread & butter. It wouldn’t carry any weapons. In fact, I would only give it a shield–specifically, a Repulsion Shield used to keep pushing attackers away. The idea being this feral tiefling paladin wouldn’t start a fight but would actively try to stop violence by being patient, rebuffing attacks, healing others, and attempting to show the futility of violence. 

You can see how this would be a challenge to play. But I think it could work, especially if approached as having the kind of temperament of Henry Rollins’ character in the movie He Never Died.


I’ve just joined a new game and decided against using this character. However, I think it’s not just a good concept but one I could play quite well. For now, it’ll sit quietly in my DnDBeyond queue waiting for its call-up.






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