The Forgotten War

Earlier this year, late Spring/early Summer, I was able to pick up a freelance writing gig with the company Brickmania. It’s a very niche company specializing in custom LEGO build kits focused on military history. Like this Sherman tank:


So, a company catering to a very specific consumer. Still, it was fun to explore the site and see what they have to offer. 

I was tasked with writing a summary of the Korean War that would feature several of its build models of that era. So over a couple of days I researched the conflict, wrote up a draft, and had a very productive back-and-forth with the editor getting the article finished in just over a week.


It was one of those perfect freelancing gigs where you do something outside of your comfort zone and thereby expand your knowledge base.

The article is simply informational, so not terribly sexy. Still, I think it presents the fact of the conflict fairly well. I don’t think many of us really know the details of the Korean War, and as such, we have a rather incomplete understanding of the modern nations of North and South Korea.


Anywits. I thought I’d share The Forgotten War. You can also buy the issue of Brickmania Magazine to check out all the other rather neat stuff in it.







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