A Few Words About the Charm City, Baltimore

I’ve lived in Baltimore for two weeks. I arrived just in time for the President to pick a national stage fight with a critic from the opposition. In this feud, the city I now call home and everyone living in it has been disparaged.


So this morning I went on a little rant of my own via Twitter. I thought I’d share it here as well.

I was lucky to met and become friends with some great people in Kentucky. But overall the region was not pleasant.


Oh, and not more than three months after we moved there, the KKK went around town spreading leaflets. The reaction against this was tepid at best.


Let me stress this again–these people are willfully myopic and fearful of cities because such places are too overwhelming and heterogeneous. When Trump attacks cities, he is validating these peoples’ fear and hatred.

Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Virginia, Connecticut, Ohio, Kentucky, and now Maryland are the states where I’ve lived. I don’t fly; I drive. I’ve driven to and from each of them multiple times a year to visit family living in Minnesota and Wisconsin. You ever drive from New Haven, CT to Minneapolis in December? I have, at least 10 times. I say this to stress not only have I lived in multiple states but I’ve routinely traveled through a myriad of states the long way to get there (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, West Virginia, the Dakotas).

You get a sense of people traveling, seeing them in different regions and experiencing their seasons.

Proximity engenders empathy.

When the President of the United States decides to dehumanize you: “No human being would want to live there.

This is why Victor Blackwell was so moved and why his response was so moving:

Nativism is just the latest form ingrained white supremacy is taking. It is exclusionary, cruel, and craven.

Inclusion and intersectionality go hand-in-hand, and both are a form of transgression. This kind of transgression is necessary if we are break the resurgent aggression white supremacist capitalist patriarchy confronts us with.

I like Baltimore. I will gladly live here for the rest of my life.









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