Self-Portrait as a Series of Reductress Headlines

Reductress is perhaps one of the most clever humor sites out there. These women are hilarious. This summer especially I found many of their headlines & satire articles hitting close to home. So I thought it’d be fun to collect them as a sort of self-portrait.


Modified Version of Workout Still Too Hard


Why I Decided to Quit Working For The Man And Start Freelancing For A Handful of Less Powerful Men

The only things I have to deal with are health insurance, retirement, monitoring my own taxes, following up on unpaid invoices, following up again on unpaid invoices, and crippling isolation!

How To Be Less Hard On Yourself Even Though You Could’ve Done A Little Better If You Tried

The next time you find yourself being too self-critical, remember these tips and know that even though you weren’t perfect, you could be if you never stop trying so fucking hard! 

How To Act Like Your Life Is Miserable Even Though You Have A Wedge Of Brie In Your Fridge

it can be hard to complain when you have a glorious $12 wedge of soft cheese waiting for you at home

Sanctions Imposed on Shitty Cat


How To Stay Up Really Late For No Other Reason Than Ruining Tomorrow

After 3 am is good time to stop drinking coffee. You might find this tip pretty obvious. But did you also know the caffeine will remain in your system several days from now, whether you still want it there or not? Stay caffeinated until you’re muttering “Why do I do this to myself?” over and over again, while pacing the floor until your morning alarm goes off.

How To Wait At Least 10 Minutes After A Convo Starts To Mention All The Things You Hate And How Tired You Are



How To Hit the Joke One Too Many Times So Everyone Goes Quiet




To Reduce Travel Stress, Just Don’t Go



QUIZ: Are You Depressed or Just Awake?

Mental health is a complicated thing.

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