‘Astraea’ in Moonchild Magazine


The last poem I had published was ‘Network’ in Philosophical Idiot. I’m fortunate this month to have a longer poem appear in Moonchild Magazine called ‘Astraea.’


This poem was written as a kind of experiment. I’m not as experienced or deep into astrology as others but I’ve been finding it to be a fun way to riff on the thoughts and feelings going through my mind. Depression hit hard after the 2016 election. During the 45th President’s first 100 days I found that doing my version of a tarot drawing was helping me process things. Over the course of pursuing the exercise I began to craft my thoughts into pieces more akin to a prose poem. The result is ‘Astraea,’ the name taken from the goddess of justice and innocence and perhaps a model for the astrological sign Virgo (of which, I am).



This poem is a departure for me from the kind of poetry I usually write (surly lyrics of internal mindfulness rather than anything beautiful or genuinely metaphoric). I rather like it and think it holds up well even if it is written in direct response to events happening at the time.


Moonchild Magazine‘s 5th issue is stellar, and I’m fortunate to be in the company of much superior writing.





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