Why Invest in Apple?

As I’m in the process of job hunting, I’m casting a wide net. You never know what kind of position, role, or company may be interested in or in need of the kind of talents I can provide, that is, researching, editing, proofreading. As a writer, you just learn to do these these things as rote gestures. Sometimes it can be difficult to convey to those unfamiliar, but I can pretty much take on any topic and compose something entirely adequate in a compressed time frame.
For example, recently one of the positions I applied to asked me to generate some topic specific writing samples. I wrote each piece in a couple of hours. I didn’t end up getting the position, but it was definitely interesting learning about the topics and writing something up on them. 
Thus, I thought I would share them here. 



Why Invest in Apple?


Markets are volatile but investing doesn’t have to be. Case in point, Apple stock (ticker: AAPL). In the last year, Apple stock is up 26% and likely to again reach a $1 trillion market cap. Over the last five years, Apple has had a 16.5% growth rate, which is projected to continue for at least the next five years. All this paints a portrait of a stock at once dynamic and stable.

Apple’s innovation is the industry standard. For many and most of us, Apple products and/or services are the default. This is borne out by nearly a billion extremely loyal Apple users worldwide. Such ubiquity has made the company a cornerstone of the American economy.

While it might seem as though Apple is reliant upon iPhone sales, the company has positioned itself to grow beyond its signature product while still drawing upon it to provide the capital necessary to expand.

While Apple has nearly all of the market captured for high-end smartphones, it has plenty of room to grow in the mid-tier and modestly priced device market. Couple this with entry into massive markets like India and China, and we can reasonably assume its flagship product will continue to sell well. In doing so, the company will be buttressed as it expands its extremely successful streaming services. One persistent rumor has Apple purchasing streaming giant Netflix; a move that would turn Apple into the service to watch content across all platforms and apps. Then there’s the company’s projected move into the health care. It’s been estimated such a move could generate over $300 billion in revenue. What we see here is a company enjoying its success in the present but planning for the future.

The bottom line is investing in Apple (AAPL) not only makes sense long-term but also in the short-term as it’s a dynamic stock offering big returns while simultaneously being an anchor any portfolio.

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