Review: Only Human by Norbert Soski


Only Human:
Guide to Our Internal Human Operating System (iHOS) and Achieving a Better Life
Norbert Soski 

Straight-Up Soulutions, 2019 

3.5 Stars

If there is one that can be said for New Age or spiritual literature, it often swings for the fences. That is, it is one of the few genres of literature unafraid to not just ask huge metaphysical questions but also provide detailed existential solutions to those questions. Most often, this rhetoric is presented in plain-spoken language with only minimal jargon (at least, the most successful works of the genre do) even though the topic is deeply complex and the method to address it likewise. And yet, it works. Readers looking for inspiration, for spiritual guidance, or for a practical way to (re)organize their lives will do well to consider Norbert Soski’s Only Human.

Using his background as an engineer, Soski constructs a picture of human nature couched in technical language but accessibly expressed so any non-expert can follow. He then offers up direct and practical tweaks to this vision of human nature meant not just to interpret but to allow readers to reboot or upgrade their human software (mentality) or internal Human Operating System (iHOS). Without pretense, Soski makes it clear in the very beginning of his book what the goal is for readers:

“If you are not satisfied with your status quo, or it having a ‘bigger, better life’ motivates you, any new information about you that can help you produce positive changes in your life is what you need, and that is what this book provides.”

His goal for readers is nothing less than spiritual enlightenment and, if readers go into the work with an open mind genuinely looking for such, they can find a version of it within Soski’s pages.

Isolating what he believes are the sources of misdirection or, rather, the wrong focus in our ordinary lives, Soski elucidates what he calls the Primitive and Angelic sides of the human soul. Only somewhat in opposition to each other, this dualism is how Soski presents his notion that we operate simultaneously in the present (Primitive Soul) where we take action “in the here-and-now” and “out of past knowledge and experiences” (Angelic Soul) projecting into the future. What Soski is working to show readers is how to navigate what he calls an “appropriate soul response (ASR)” between to the poles of the soul. In doing so, he provides readers with something tangible to envision as he goes about discussing intangible matters. His articulation of this vision of human nature is always accompanied by illustrations to aid readers as well as questionnaires and personal exercises at the end of each chapter readers can engage with to get a practical sense of what Soski is espousing.

Only Human is not some testament to some vague ideal, but rather the kind of spiritual literature expecting readers to engage with it. The exercises encourage readers to work out for themselves what Soski is saying and doing so is quite valuable for sincere readers of spiritual literature.


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About the Author


Seven years ago, Norbert Soski had a lunchtime conversation with a good friend about how to contain all the aspects of life in a 4-inch attaché case. Lots of people talk about change and the need to do it. But how can you affect change? What must you know about who you are to make change happen? What was needed was an operational manual for our life. This whole idea developed into Only Human and the iHOS. Moreover, it was his career as an engineer and being a student of spirituality and personal growth for over 30 years that shaped this new approach to improving the lives of others. Soski graduated with a BSEE from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Formerly the
Engineering Manager at Renau Electronic Laboratories, while at Rocketdyne Norbert was the Product Team Leader for the RS-68 (Delta IV) and J-2X Engine Control Units. For Boeing, he was the Electronic Design subject matter expert for Unit Systems Engineering. Norbert worked at the following commercial, industrial, and aerospace companies during his career: Renau Electronic Laboratories, Moog Space and Defense, Aerojet
Rocketdyne (former Rockwell, Boeing, and UTC), Teledyne Systems Company, Delco Systems Operations, and Mattel Toys, Electronics Division. Soski now travels the country speaking on his concept of the internal Human Operating System.

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