THE FIRE LIT & NEARING, the debut poetry collection by J.G. McClure, reviewed by Daniel Casey

My latest poetry review is up at Heavy Feather Review

Heavy Feather Review

The Fire Lit & Nearing, by J.G. McClure. Brooklyn, New York: Indolent Books, May 2018. 78 pages. $14.99, paper.

Ruminating on alternate paths, detailed speculation on choices not made, and a darkly comic melancholy characterize J.G. McClure’s debut poetry collection The Fire Lit & Nearing. The tone of these poems when they are most successful is casual crafting surreal responses to the mundane facts of living. From the opening poem ‘Odyssey II’ imagining an Ithaca where Odysseus and Ithaca have grown beyond each other to ‘Chaos Is Seattle in a Spaniel’ where the title “is what my phone thinks / I’m saying when I say // ¿que haces si hablo // en espanol?” McClure is exploring a world where his persona knows “[t]his evidence of something” (‘Making Sense of It’), and asks “[s]o what should we do? Take an odd-but-not-unexpected turn / to the personal, brandishing out…

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