Poem: The Smallest Divisions in Jet Fuel Review

Today the latest issue of Jet Fuel Review came out, Issue #16 Fall 2018.


I’m lucky enough to have a poem, ‘The Smallest Divisions,’ included in it. Jet Fuel is an exceptional lit mag that frequently features poets I not only admire but are superbly innovative. So, I’m more than a little giddy to be included with such talent. This issue includes three lush poems by Dorothy Chan, five poems from Zefyr Lisowski that are just aces, and the substantial ‘a song of burning’ by ire’ne lara silva alongside other quality poets.

Rejection is the standard for poetry I write. I’m lucky if I get one poem accepted for publication in a year (and usually then it’s a rather niche literary review). This year, I’ve been lucky having three poems published.

Earlier in the year, I had my poem ‘Bait’ published in North of Oxford as well as ‘You’re Not Even from Around Here’ in the Rise Up Review

Here’s hoping I can place some more in 2019.

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