Lysander, Maw of Acamar

The final character creation for this November is one I made to play in an evil short campaign with some friends.

Lysander is an Earth Genasi warlock who has bound himself to the Great Old One Acamar.

Lysander’s skin appears as polished hematite with his eyes seemingly pulsing between a fiery golden and blood red. He carries an obsidian dagger and titanium quarterstaff he crafted himself from deep within the mountain where his family claims its lineage. Having pissed away his family fortune on frivolous luxuries, Lysander made his pact with Acamar out of jealousy seeming the wealth of others and wanting to destroy it. Since he was raised an aristocrat, Lysander feels honor bound to work within the law. However, he bent on twisting the dominate laws to suit his fascistic needs and secure him power and riches.


To this end, Lysander often presents himself to ruling courts, guilds, and communities as someone with a deep understanding of legal systems and a desire to make the land more sophisticated. His skills in Persuasion and Deception (both +5) serve him well in this. Knowing the mores and rituals of the aristocracy, he attempts to subvert kingdoms from within as a cancerous advisor. Within merchant and class guilds, Lysander cultivates the aura of a shrewd business man whose myriad contacts promise great returns on investment. In this way, he is able to bankrupt organizations and exploit labor. And finally, in small or middling communities ruled by councils or as democracies, Lysander sows division poisoning the populace with resentment through an ‘us vs them’ politicking. 

Lysander is fascist desiring nothing less the utter collapse of society so that he may pick up the pieces and rule it.

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