Evangline Cerces, Ardent Witch

Many arcanists and magic users would think of themselves as pyromancers if they wielded and loved the fire spells that so entrance Evangline Cerces, fire genasi sorcerer. Unlike many of her kind, Evangline is very level-headed and not prone to allowing her passions to get the best of her. In fact, she is often seen as cold and calculating as she seems to always be doing some moral calculus in her mind. Her judgments and feelings are never betrayed by her face or body.


Raised in the heart of a deep desert, Evangline found solace among the constantly changing dunes and ever-present sunlight bathing everything in a withering heat. For her, this was heaven. Her nomadic clan soon identified her as being touch by magic (Giant Soul) and took her into a mysterious valley where as a young girl she trained learning to master her ardent blood. 

Thus, Evangline considers herself a witch referring to herself and her coven as Flame Spirits or Ardent Witches. She has now journeyed out of the desert to expand her understanding of magic and pursue what her clan and coven call ‘Heat Death,’ which is apparently some kind of ecstatic psychic state that may or may not actually involve dying. Evangline is tight lipped about her coven’s beliefs and practices.

With her Sorcerous Origin being that of a Fire Giant and her racial heritage that of Fire Genasi, Evangline has no interest in weapons having full faith in the myriad of fire spells she can conjure at will (Create Bonfire, Produce Flame, and Fire Bolt among others). She buttresses these spells with Reaction casts of Absorb Elements and Shield when in combat. 

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