Cybil Gormenghast, Giantslayer

Coming down from a great mountain range she always knew as The Driftless, Cybil Gormenghast is a giant-slaying air genasi ranger. In her mountain hermitage, Cybil would scour the mountains rooting out ogres and dangerous giantkin. She has particular contempt for mountain, hill, and frost giants.


After recently tracking down a clan ravenous and warring ogres and driving them down out of her mountains, Cybil has found herself in the wider world and feels a pull to explore. Thinking of herself as a warrior first and foremost, Cybil is acutely aware of her inexperience when it comes to talking with or relating to others. She comes across as making random assertions and nonlinear connections, primarily it seems because of a mix of her genasi heritage and her own long isolation.


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