Marten Merriweather, Shifter Barbarian

Shifters are another Eberron race that is essentially werewolf-lite. This race is descended from lycanthropes but not quite fully able to change oneself into a particular beast. It sounds like a race based around making a playable version of Sabertooth.


Whereas a Changling improves upon the Doppleganger, I feel the Shifter nerfs the Lycanthrope. However, there are myriad ways to play every race for both battle and roleplay; it’s up to us to find it.

So for today’s November character creation, I continued to embrace my love of badgers and barbarians creating Marten Merriweather, a shifter with most clearly a beast nature. Marten has grown to look more like a walking badger than a human as he roams the distant wilds.


Although not anti-social, Marten favors quiet places where very few other creatures come to pass. A barbarian in the most cliche sense, he has wandered the deep and far wild a nomad simply living day to day. Although he’s come to favor more northern climes, Marten has decided it’s time to improve his social skills and expand his circle of friends (anything beyond the squirrels he snaps at daily would be good). To that end, he’s entered the ‘civilized’ world looking for adventure and a companions.

Again, Marten is straight up barbarian powerfully wielding his greatclub or maul (+6 to hit, +4 to damage). His Survival instincts, Perception, and Medicine skills (all +4) round him out rather well. The barbarian Rage feature combined with his Beasthide shifting not only grant him bonus to Strength and Resistances but also temporary Hit Points and bump to AC. All this makes Marten a rather formidable warrior and a major asset when it comes time to fight.

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