Peggy Boleyn, Changling Burglar

A changeling can shift its face and form with a thought. Many changelings use this gift as a form of artistic and emotional expression, but it’s an invaluable tool for grifters, spies, and others who wish to deceive. This leads many people to treat known changelings with fear and suspicion.

Another new race through Eberron content, but I think the changling is well worth inserting into any campaign as a PC or NPC simply because their very existence gives options for story drama and roleplay. Since I began playing over a year ago, I’ve wanted to make the Doppleganger into a playable race. Essentially, changlings give players that option. Today’s November character creation is Peggy Boleyn, changling burglar.


Peggy doesn’t travel in the shadows or deal exclusively with shady characters. In fact, most who know her couldn’t imagine her doing so as she runs a very respectable although small jewelry shop and makes it a point to be as personable and involved in her community as possible. At her shop, Peggy crafts custom jewelry for both high end clientele and commoners. She has a innate gift for convincing folk that what they are seeing is truly unique (+7 Persuasion). This is her persona to the world.

Where does she come by her precious gems and metals? Across several cities, Peggy will transform her appearance and patiently work her way into the homes and estates of the sickeningly wealthy. Sometimes, she’ll scale walls, disarm traps, slip in through windows, and escape in the night dancing across rooftops. Other times, she’ll find a mark, sedate them, take their identity, and infiltrate dances, balls, and other social events to gain access. Whatever means she chooses, Peggy nearly always comes away with the treasure she covets.

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