Baron Malik, Brewmaster Dwarven Wizard

I realized the other day I’ve completely avoided making dwarven characters this month. I’ve not much interest in dwarves even though I wrote a rather obscure dwarven connection for the character I’m currently campaigning with (a half-orc who speaks dwarvish with an Ice Dwarf accent). So, I decided to throw together a dwarf. Made him a wizard. A brewer who looks to sell his beer all over his homeland but eager to explore to find new ingredients in nature and with magical properties, the wizard Baron Malik is both wise and drunk.


Baron is uninterested in weapons preferring to learn spells harnessing the power of Earth and Fire. He views magic and arcane knowledge as something we ought to use as an everyday tool. Of course, he gets a bit of blowback from his fellow dwarves who believe actual tools ought to be used as tools and those are made through smithing and forges. Baron will go on and on about it, usually leaving listeners bored. They stay on because he’s a damn fine brewer who is very free with his kegs.


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