Grieg, Black Dragonborn Monk

Held in contempt as a youngling and finding a home in a remote monastery, my November character creation for today is the black dragon dragonborn monk, Grieg.


A bitter and hostile creature, Grieg has been trained in hand-to-hand combat by a sect of followers of the deity Hoar.


This sect calling themselves The Darkened Coin, believe in retribution against those who have personally wrong you. Grieg has embraced this philosophy of revenge and is out in the world now looking to inflict pain on all the people who caused him physical and/or emotional hurt growing up. While he adventures, hunting down these individuals, he sees encounters as a means to practice and perfect his skills.

Grieg is less interested in inflicting the most damage possible and more interested in striking at his foes with the most hurtful or insulting blow. He looks to cow and beat down his opponents to leave them crippled, useless, and objects of derision. Spite guides Grieg’s attacks. However, he has no qualms with outright murder.

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