Drez Ravok, Orc Meat-Shield

Look, they’re not all first round picks. Sometimes, you’re going to roll up a character that just underwhelms. Welcome to Drez Ravok, Orc Fighter.

Drez is a meat shield, a character existing to take damage and attention away from other members of the party. As a ex-soldier, Drez knows how to use practically every weapon and loves getting into the thick of battle. Unfortunately, he has hardly any sense of tactics or strategy (-2 Intelligence), evinces poor decision making (-1 Wisdom), and doesn’t really inspire others while in the fray (-1 Charisma). This leaves him only able to sell himself on his rather strong constitution (12 HP) and ability to deal damage (his Great Weapon Fighting allows him to nearly always do significant hurt).


As with almost every Orc grunt in the world, Drez wants to fight for fighting’s sake. He’s not the kind of adventurer who looks to the future, rather Drez lives day-to-day. His only desire, be known for his fighting prowess anywhere and everywhere he goes. 

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