Bonidahl Wyrdling, Elf Druid of the Deep Wilds

Bonidahl Wyrdling (bonnie doll weird ling) is today’s November character creation, a wood elf druid.


Bonidahl is a loner. She has no community although not because of any trauma. She wasn’t exiled, she’s not an outcast, there wasn’t any gruesome event that destroyed her village, and she wasn’t abandoned in the woods or stolen away as a child. In fact, Bonidahl is remarkably well adjusted–for someone who only talks to plants and hasn’t interacted with another humanoid since she was a small child nearly a hundred and fifty years ago. So what’s her deal?

It’s simple really, one day Bonidahl was outside her home gazing into the forest lost in thought. Then she decided. She walked into the woods abandoning what she had known before because of how great the pull to wander the deepest, thickest woodlands was. While she might have been just a child, the moment she was alone in the woods everything felt right, perfectly in place. She’s never looked back.

Perceptive and a survivalist (+6 to each of those skills), Bonidahl cares the most for the plants around her and has come to see beasts and not different enough from humanoids to warrant her concern. She spends days talking to trees watching as vines grow, leaves move, and the understory thins and thickens allowing her passive Perception (16) to enrapture her in Nature’s minutiae. She has now come out of the far woodlands and deep wild to learn better or more effective ways to care for the land and preserve the growth and life of the plants she so loves.

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