Barabas Ceausescu, Tabaxi Rogue

The tabaxi race is currently my favorite. In making today’s November character creation, I decided to not over-think the persona going rather traditional. Barabas Ceausescu is an alley cat rogue who has made his living on the streets but now has decided to take u adventuring to earn himself a cozy place of his own.


Barabas has only known the city. He feels comfortable meandering through streets and thoroughfares eying passersby and judging whether or not they’d make good marks for the day. In the evening, he silently bounds from rooftop to rooftop letting whatever window catches his eye draw him in. Usually, he leaves with the shiniest of objects to pawn off in the morning.

While many tabaxi enjoy the company of their kin, Barabas isn’t really a cat person nor does he enjoy sustained, obnoxious noise (thus, minstrels and the singing of bards tends to lead him to pin his ears back). Dark corners, high vantage points, and obscure niches are what he prefers. Given his skills in Stealth (+8), Sleight of Hand (+6), and Acrobatics (+6), this should come as no surprise. Although Barabas prefers surveying from afar he never hesitates to get into a scrap as he’s quite fond of slashing foes to ribbons.

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