Wince, Kenku Corsair

Pirates, they’re so 2003. Plus, the ocean is horrible. Just ask Nott. Anyway, for today’s November character creation, I decided to ignore all that and make a swashbuckler–the Kenku Wince.



For Wince, sailing the seas feels like flying, and for a brief time, he had his own ship (The Crow’s Nest). It was stolen leaving Wince stranded on land. Since then, he’s been working on a variety of ships as a pirate sometimes as a legit sailor searching for the captain who stole the Crow’s Nest and quietly saving his coin to buy a new vessel. To this end, he is single-minded in gathering treasure and clues.

There’s not much more to Wince than this. As a straight-up fighter, he doesn’t hesitate to get into combat but he’s no strategist nor does he have any tactical sense. Rather, Wince kills what’s in front of him and moves on to the next threat. He has, over the years, developed a keen fondness for his rapier having seen a truly great swordsman as a fledgling. He strives to mimic that corsair–speed, daring, and deadly finesse with a razor-thin blade.

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