Bic, Lizardfolk Poison Archer

Lizardfolk, they used to be one of the myriad of baddies players had to endure as they were a low enough Challenge Rating to live alongside kobolds, goblinoids, orcs, and gnolls as enemies meant to be sliced through for experience or loot. However, they are humanoid and as such have become a playable race. Embracing this I present Bic the Poison Archer for today’s November character creation.



I suppose it’s easy to play lizardfolk as cold-blooded and they are described as having an ‘alien’ mind. But I think, once again, that’s too simple leaving us with not enough to play with when the race has plenty to make it fun, both conceptually and practically. Racially, Bic benefits from a normal Bite attack and one as a Bonus Action can restore 2 HP per long rest and he can build weapons from slain creatures. This last one is useful because Bic is based on a poison frog (I know, I know, frogs are amphibians but guess what? this is a fantasy game) so he loves coating his arrows and blowgun needles with poison and the Cunning Artisan trait allows him to replenish blowgun needles with ease.

As a poison archer, Bic not only has plenty of ordinary poison (1d4 poison damage) but some uncommon ones as well–the paralyzing Crawler Mucus, Oil of Taggit which drops a target unconscious, and Serpent Venom doing 3d6 poison damage. He’s always looking to add to his collection with his Poisoner’s Kit. Since Bic’s strength is from range he’s very hesitant to get into melee combat thus his reliance on his +5 Stealth. Should he end up fighting in close combat, Bic makes us of his Acrobatic skills (+5) to frustrate opponents.

Creating Bic, I had in mind Charlie the Intern from Bojack Horseman. Yet, I thnk he could be a more serious character without difficulty.

4 thoughts on “Bic, Lizardfolk Poison Archer

    1. that would be brilliant. I like to imagine him licking the tips of his arrows to maybe cover them with his own poison then flicking his tongue over his eye to aim

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