Ablelarr Nostraam, Kalashtar Sorcerer

Once again, I’m advocating for cherry picking a race and placing it in any setting you so desire. Kalashtars may be native to Eberron but there’s no reason other than whim why they can’t be a population in any and every other world. The Kalashtar are a people made from the melding of humanoids with spirits from the dream realm. Today’s November character creation takes up this race in the sorcerer Ablelarr Nostraam.


Ablelaar is one of those characters whose strengths are nearly erased by his weaknesses. Exceptionally low Dexterity (-2) means even though his spell attack bonus (+6) and spell save (14) are solid, he’ll have to wait a while to do anything (Initiative of -2) and during that time pray he doesn’t get hit (AC 11). However, his racial traits offer just enough spice to make the sorcerer promising. Dual Mind as a Reaction grants advantage on Wisdom saving throws, resistance to psychic damage, and the ability to use telepathy make Ablelaar an interesting support character especially over the early levels.

Roleplay-wise, I envision him as an individual whose connection with the dream realm is tactile, meaning he feels no difference between dream and reality and therefore thinks of nearly everything as casually fantastical. He’s not loopy, rather he automatically believes his senses as it doesn’t occur to him they could be wrong or illusionary. This, of course, will get him into trouble but it will also lead him into some wonderfully fun situations. Ablelaar simply isn’t never shocked by turns of events as the laws of reality aren’t really something he cares about.

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