Adelaide, The Mad Halfling Warlock

Halflings, essentially Hobbits, are a race often treated too nice. I’m an advocate for whimsy and more madness in characters. Thus, today’s November character creation is Adelaide, a halfling Archfey warlock.

Adelaide is mad, Lewis Carroll mad. Her insanity springs from the glimpses of the Feywild she’s endured since birth and the punishment inflicted upon her by those in her community as they attempted to ‘cure’ her of the insanity. She hasn’t just dreamed of the Feywild but had waking nightmares finding herself transported there then suddenly returned to her own world. She loses time and has attempted to knit the two worlds together in her mind by creating fables and nonsense stories to help her cope. It’s unclear if her warlock patron is the cause of her madness or was drawn to her because of it.


In her pockets she always has playing cards with black diamonds on them. Again, it’s unclear if these are magical or not. She tends to produce out of her overcoat a truly bizarre and random array of items some very useful and others utterly pointless. Adelaide’s eyes seem perpetually bloodshot and it looks as though her eye color is slowly shading to a blood-black to match her wild dark hair, which was once a soft, bright blonde. She has a love of bats and sometimes darts around erratically pretending to be one.

While not evil, Adelaide is truly chaotic almost completely given over to a logic only she understands. She seems to speak in riddles and some made-up language. It’s unclear what Adelaide wants out of life but one thing is certain, anyone who interrupts or prevents her from doing what she wants faces her wrath. However, it’s a wrath that could be either a flick on the nose for spoiling her fun or Witch Bolt for simply asking her why she’s doing what she is and everything in-between.

Of course, this character is primarily designed for roleplay. Yet I’m certain she could grow into a damn fun and powerful warlock. Her Charisma modifier is naturally high giving her a +6 to Deception and an impressive Spell Attack Bonus. Her spells Magic Stone and Hex are Bonus Actions giving her more room to maneuver even if her two first level spells are both concentration based.

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