Kalice Bright, Firbolg Beast Master



Kalice Bright is today’s November character creation. She is a firbolg beast master. Firbolg’s are a rare race typically devoted to woodlands. Kalice is no exception having taken the path of a ranger. She is an animal lover and has developed several friendly relationships with the local woodland creatures. Creatures insisting on being foul-tempered, hateful, or in any other way exceedingly harmful to the region Kalice finds herself in she hunts down and eliminates.


Traveling with a bat-eared fox she calls Calliope and a lucifer hummingbird that responds to the name Wink, Kalice is happy to roam the woodlands and forests living off the land and occasionally trading pelts, horns, and meat to other travelers.

Lucifer Hummingbird

Her time alone with only Calliope and Wink for company (and even then erratically) has led her to tend to maintain a running monologue with herself. When she does encounter others, she’s not shy but often very blunt in expressing her thoughts and feelings. She is immediately trusting but very perceptive and insightful, so it is difficult to deceive or get a lie passed her. Her trust, once lost, is lost permanently, yet she will give an individual multiple chances to prove her judgment wrong but only so much. Unlike others of her kind, Kalice has an interest in exploring cities and lands far away from her birthplace. So she wanders taking in as much as she can and always looking for a new place.

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