Androgeos della Pharos, Gentleman Minotaur

For today’s November character creation, I’ve decided to indulge my love of minotaurs. This is an Unearthed Arcana race so unofficial but being encouraged to playtest. Minotaurs along with centaurs make for some fascinating character choices especially when pair with non-standard classes. For example, in one of the modules I’m writing now I have centaur rogue–he’s not stealthy, but he is a smuggler–and a few months ago I wrote a one-shot where my players could inhabit a centaur. So why not have some fun with minotaurs?


When I wrote and played out my first campaign, I gave my players a maze on an aristocratic grounds wherein four minotaurs guarded four magical treasures. This is was an easy insertion of a monster for players to encounter. Three of my four minotaurs were evil creatures, one was lawful good and would have joined the party as an ally if they had played down that storyline. But, essentially, these monstrous were angry, stupid brutes. This led me to decided to make a player character/NPC minotaur who pushed back against the cliche.

Androgeos della Pharos is a man (and he insists on being thought of as a man) of means and refined tastes adoring myth, legend, religious mysticism, and folktales. His aristocratic family took control of their far flung island, Pharos, hundreds of years ago from its humanoid occupiers turning it into a natural paradise where fey and other unique creatures could live unmolested. The island thrived building productive trade routes and friendly relations with all its neighbors while quietly holding in reserve a powerful defensive force to keep it sovereign.


Androgeos lived surrounded by fine wine and idyllic landscapes pouring himself into the vast and seemingly labyrinthine library his family built. Now seeking more knowledge and specifically practical experience of what he has heretofore only read, Androgeos has decided to embark on adventuring. 

A noble, Androgeos not only enjoins but expects refinement. However, he isn’t spoiled but simply someone who has always lived in luxury assuming it’s the default state. In Pharos, Androgeos and his family were benevolent rulers looking to raise up all its citizens to the quality of life they most desire while being welcoming and opening to others. He is especially tolerate but more than a tad bit naive as in idealistic. I think playing this character would make for some wonderful roleplay.

Pragmatically, Androgeos is a bard. Not so much a singer or performer but rather a would-be lorekeeper. He is obsessed with lore and collecting it and sharing it with others no matter if the form is song, dance, or script. His rather high Initiative (+3) positions him as possibly one of the first to play but his offensive stats aren’t especially impressive (and given his personality, his Goring Rush trait would likely be used sparingly). It seems with his high Intimidation and Persuasion stats (both +5) and his Dissonant Whispers and Charm Person spells, Androgeos strikes me as a character whose primary move is to disable or diffuse opponents before striking out.

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