Typho, Serpentine Monk

A Yuan-Ti Pureblood, Typho is an assassin monk trained to murder in silence through his martial training as well as with poison. His glimmering green snake eyes and emerald colored scales eerily emerging from his human-like limbs to cover his hands and feet while also seemingly crawling up the sides of his neck and face both entice and repel others. 


Typho is stunningly bored with the cultures of the dominate, so-called civilized races. In fact, he can barely mask his contempt when taking on jobs. His choice of profession has given him an outlet for his sadistic pleasures. However, Typho has developed a reputation; he’s the kind of the assassin who will absolutely fulfill the contract but on a whim may decide to kill everyone involved. He has become a weapon of last resort for the wealthiest and strongest crime lords. Between jobs, Typho moves in the shadows and in forgotten corners allowing whim to dictate who tastes his poison or feel his scaled hands squeezing the life out of them.

Long term, it would seem Typho is jockeying to take control of his local underworld. Yet he is doing so in the most deliberate and secretive manner possible. Once the criminal world comes under his control how difficult will it be to bring the aristocracy to heel?

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