A Trio of Goblinoid Women: Gladiator, Wild Magic, & Trickery

The last characters I did were twins, so for day five of my November character creation I decided to do triplets.


Goblinoids consist of in descending order of strength and size bugbears, hobgoblins, and goblins. I’ve always like the idea of playing as a monster and these humanoid creatures always deserved to be a playable race. Perhaps not the most interesting stats for these characters is made up by their quirks, which I think this female trio is fairly solid as both player characters or NPCs.


Barrot, Bugbear Fighter 

It’s difficult to imagine a bugbear as not some wild brute. Barrot (rhymes with carrot) is a gladiator but less of an arena fighter or streetfighter and more of stage combat or stunt person. Although she certainly knows how to use a variety of weapons to deadly effect, the hassle resulting from easily killing people is not worth the trouble. Why not win their coin from them in duels? Or, better yet, have them just give you their valuables because they think your performance was so stunning and cool? Barrot really only looks out for herself and is always looking to see just how much she can get away with. However, the idea of going up against the authorities doesn’t interest her at all. She’ll always take the path of least resistance.


Lish’dargun, Hobgoblin Sorcerer

I very much like hobgoblins. They are energetic and tactically intelligent soldiers who make for great enemies to harry a party and menace a village or region. Of the goblinoids, I think hobgoblins are the most pragmatic and interesting. They have a pride that’s lacking in goblins and an intelligence lacking in bugbears. So, I crafted Lish, a Wild Magic sorcerer, who because of the nature of her magic has been a hermit most of her life trying to master the power randomly surging through her. Lish is fascinated by fire while adoring the sound and feel of thunder. Only recently has Lish decided to emerge from her remote cottage. Her reasoning, there’s only one way to truly master this magic and that’s by using it. Because most of her life has been spent alone, Lish doesn’t really see why she should care about other people and, in fact, kinda enjoys seeing folks squirm as flames lick their bodies and the crack of thunder deafens them.


Xaxt, Goblin Trickery Cleric

Xaxt (pronounced zakt) is an older, nearly blind cleric of Leira whose lived on the streets for most of her life. Xaxt doesn’t think of herself as a liar or a deceiver but she’ll readily admit she’s never told the whole truth when asked. She’s known for spinning wild yarns and ridiculous stories, yet she’s been doing it for so long her utter confidence, both casual and pragmatic, makes it difficult to know she’s making shit up on the spot. It’s allowed her to not just survive but come to serve her goddess well. She’s picked up secrets of the city both in its underground and in its more respectable halls. While she doesn’t blackmail per se, she does deal in information setting up scenes of chaos (more for her own delight than anything else) from which she can benefit.

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