The Worthless Shrines: A Red Banks Adventure

I completed the second part of the Worthless Shrines adventure, the first of my Red Banks setting. This adventure can be downloaded via DriveThruRPG for a Pay What You Want price:

The Worthless Shrines, Part 2


In the first part of the adventure, characters arrive in the remote Northwoods town of Hilltop tasked with exploring the region’s Effigy Mounds. The archmage Lazlo Hazlitt has tasked the party with discovering more about the now gone civilizations that built the mounds and lived in the area, specifically what arcane knowledge they had. He will reward each party member with the granting of a Wish spell when they return with enough information, artifacts, or items that’ll satisfy him.



This second part has players explore a salt lick pond facing off against a Shambling Mound and discovering a Couatl egg. The next encounter they travel to a unique grove of trees where they encounter Sprite warriors, some riding Faerie Dragons, and the Couatl whose egg they’ve discovered.


The Couatl encourages the party to take its egg north to give to its mate to raise. But the party is also accompanied by a Changeling actor NPC who can get them a lot of coin for the egg if they go south to the city of Aztalan. While the party decide, the Sprite’s general (another NPC) enlists them to clear out a group of Ettercaps setting up at a stone statue. Finally, the party explore the local Effigy Mound squaring off against an enraged Deathlock.


Once the party complete these adventures, they’ll have discovered just enough about the Effigy Mounds to perhaps see why the archmage is so interested. The two cultures attached to the Effigy Mounds appear to be rival Genasi clans originally from a different plane each worshiping opposing serpent deities (Dendar and Jazirian). Yet, there will still be plenty of mysteries.


This adventure sets up some upcoming ones I am working on–going north, there will be the Ice Caves of the Apostles, while going south will present The Onyx Towers.

Hopefully, what I’ve written so far generates enough interest for me to continue.

I’m also planning on adding five more modules set in Red Banks that can be played in conjunction with this or as one-shots: The Purple Marshes, Trail to Deephome, Poisoning the Well, Angel Heart Citadel, and Fist of the North


The Worthless Shrines, Part 2

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