The Ibrhim Twins, Aasimar & Tiefling

Eloise Ibrhim and Vadim Ibrhim, twins born as an Aasimar and a Tiefling each with golden skin, black hair, and a strange connection.

The twins always quarrel with each other sometimes bitterly but are completely devoted to one another. In no small part, this is of their magical connection they are still discovering new aspect to every day. Currently, whenever one is at Disadvantage, then the other is given Advantage and vice versa. Neither recall their parents having been abandoned at birth and raised in a Pelorian orphanage. 

Eloise discovered early on in her life a fiery desire to quash evil leading this Scourge Aasimar to become a paladin of Helm. Wearing a mask of thin, polished quartz with veins of gold running through it, Eloise serves her deity by working as a guard for the weak and a protector of the just. Typically, her work earns her high praise and affection but very little coin; she wouldn’t have it otherwise. Eloise is convinced she can be a beckon for others.


Her brother Vadim soon found a love his greatest love, his self, which led him into rather nefarious dealings. After getting in well over his head, in desperation he reached out and emerged from the bowels of the Black Market having struck a deal with the Great Old One Gibbeth granting him some cruel magicks. With his new abilities, Vadim ventured back into the criminal underground not to become wealthy but to destroy it, which he did with glee. With massive, curling ibex-like horns and his shimmering golden sheen skin, Vadim is hypnotically attractive using this to his advantage as he still leans towards criminal dealings. Believing in the sensual living of the goddess Sharess, Vadim is sure his influence will turn his sister (the only person Vadim cares more about than himself) away from her prudishness.


The twins don’t spend all their time together, but do always travel and live together. Their separate lives rarely intersect but when they do it is always complicated and messy. No matter what happens, the twins always look out for one another.

I’ve always liked the idea of pairing Aasimar and Tiefling, a complimenting sibling rivalry seemed like a good way to do so. The stats rolled for these characters are the same only flipped. It was interesting to see how the racial bonuses altered the two. I think these characters would make not only for good roleplay but as engaging fighters. Vadim’s Constitution weakness is more than made up for by his Charisma and ranged spells while Eloise’s Athletics and Intimidation will build making her Scourge aspect all the more interesting. 



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