Amos Cree, An Enduring Cleric

The second character of the month is Amos Cree, a warforged cleric.

I don’t know much about the D&D setting Eberron. But one of the things I’ve seen showing a great deal of promise is the Warforged race.

In a brief Twitter chat with a former student, the idea of a character putting their consciousness into a construct came up. I like the idea of imbuing a construct with your character essence, and the Warforged race makes this more of a possibility while making it possible to pull the race out of Eberron and into whatever setting you’d like.


So, I created Amos Cree, a cleric of Erathis of the Order Domain, who spent the last years of his life building a Warforged Envoy body, so he could magically transfer his mind and soul to it to live longer and serve Erathis. In doing so, Amos lost nearly all of his clerical magical powers and knowledge having to begin again at 1st level.

As an Order Domain cleric, Amos is obsessed with the creation of law and researching how laws pragmatically work so to make them better. He thinks of himself as a legislator out in the world working to refine laws towards perfection.

However, becoming Warforged has altered his consciousness. Amos frequently fails to recognize the tones of voice, verbal queues, or emotional states of those around him leading him into rather awkward situations. He also tends to say aloud his thoughts unfiltered, essentially having no internal monologue any longer. Amos also hasn’t mastered the physicality of his new body so he tends to run into things, misjudge distances and heights, and using too much or too little force when handling objects, animals, or persons.

I think Amos would be a fun roleplaying character. As I’ve never played a cleric, I think I’d always have prepared Bonus Action spells to make the most impact. Warforged also have an integrated tool, and for Amos I decided on having Calligrapher’s Supplies be built into him. The Calligrapher’s Supplies are meant to aid Amos in drafting and amending written laws and to help hi take notes on what he discovers in the world. Finally, I think the Order Domain’s Voice of Authority could be a real boon within a party.


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