Champions of the Feywild: A D&D One-Shot Adventure


Champions of the Feywild is my last one-shot adventure revolving around the idea of players getting to adventure as monsters. Previously, I had players adventure as a party of mercenary lychanthropes in The Menagerie and in The Caverns of Midnight’s Fools as a party of demon yugoloths.

In this adventure, up to five players inhabit the bodies of a sprite, a pixie, a satyr, a centaur, and a cyclops as they challenge a medusa and her cult of dark druids and twisted creatures to rescue a unicorn.


The ancient and dense coastal forest of Dasokos exists in two worlds that of the Material Plane and the Feywild. For centuries, it has been guarded and cultivated by the unicorn Paralax. But recently a cadre of sallow looking dark shrouded druids came ashore for the distant mysterious isle of Kos. These dark druids were able to find and confront Paralax, defeating imprisoning the unicorn thanks to the evil magical power of their patroness, the medusa Ethelasa.


Ethelasa covets the unicorn’s blood believing it can reverse the curse that turned her into a medusa. She has been plotting for ages and has made agreements with various immoral merchants to sell off the various magical parts of the unicorn once she has butchered it.

The kidnapping of Paralax has pulled the attention of the unicorn deity of Healing, Loyalty, and Protection, Eachthighern, who has had to maintain the Dasokos forest on its own to prevent the Feywild spilling into the Material Plane and the Material Plane from despoiling the Feywild. Echthighern has assembled a group of champions from the forest to rescue Paralax.

The characters are designed to give players the chance to role-play but also work together strategically since the power of the creatures varies. The sprite is an aggressive fighter but lacks the ability to do meaningful damage whereas although a solid spellcaster, the pixie always looks for non-violent ways to overcome its foes. The satyr’s musical ability can be used to interesting effect as a middling creature. The centaur is an exceptional fighter and the cyclops has bruising strength but neither are very bright. The party will have to navigate their strengths and weakness as they take on pirates, harpies, druids, dryads, and, ultimately, a medusa.

I’ve made this adventure available via DriveThruRPG (in a slightly edited form)


Champions of the Feywild


I’d love to hear any thoughts about this adventure or the others. If you enjoy these monster one-shots,please consider supporting my work here or at DriveThrusRPG.






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