Take Care, Caretaker–Excerpt from Bone Weary, Book 4 of Ascendant Realms


Over on my Patreon site, I’ve made available an excerpt from my current work-in-progress Bone Weary, the fourth book in my Ascendant Realms fantasy series.

I’ll be making more of it available early to patrons over the next few months.


The boy lingered in the ditch off the road looking out over the fields. He took in the dark brown view pocked with patches of grey yield leftover from the season before and verdant tufts littering the ground with blossoms of wild weeds. The snow was well gone. It shouldn’t have been, but it was. The ground was sodden as though the low sun couldn’t quite dry it out no matter how long it hung in the sky. He could feel his boots sink into the mud. Shifting his weight, the pucker and tug of the mud pulled at him. The boy stepped to one side denying the ground’s suction and back into the road. Air escaped from where his foot had been making gasping noise, almost as though the mire of banks had resigned itself to losing yet another traveler to the firmness of the road.


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