Finale: Lair of the Lamias, The Backwater Gambit, Campaign Diary 25



Chapter 24


The party leaves the enchanted room where they’ve taken control of four elementals and enters the lair of the Lamias, a huge underground chamber where the creatures sit atop a tall platform below them are elemental looking imp creatures (mephits) and on either side of the platform are large iron doors. The chamber is nearly 300 feet tall with smooth stone floors and walls. There are three pillars between the party and the lamias each ringed in torches casting full light into the chamber. As the party fan out from the entrance, it is clear the group has come in through a side entrance of sorts. Immediately upon entering several small forms turn to face them. It is the children from the settlement, their eyes are all black as they seem under some kind of charm. Behind them looking similarly enchanted are a few bandit thugs and adult villagers.


As the children rush the party, the group engages them attempting to knock them out rather than kill them outright as it’s clear they are not acting under their own volition. The group commands the elements they have taken charge of to move across the chamber towards the lamias as they themselves try to thin the ranks of children and the villagers who are attacking them. 


However, mixed in with the villagers are Dust, Magma, and Smoke mephits who slow the progress of the four elementals.





The lamias send the first wave of humans to thin the ranks of the party and to slow the Elementals. However, the party is prepared. John twice casts Chain Lightning striking the three lamias eventually killing one while also eliminating two nearby mephits. Asher is able to cast Darkness enveloping one of the pillars to reduce the light in the chamber just enough for him to use his shadowstep to move in closer on the lamias. Karen, Cora, and Nym all do their best to knock out the villagers and children attempting to pull them to safety out of the fray. Nym ends up summoning seven mastiffs to aid her and defend the unconscious villagers.

Reducing the space between themselves and the lamias, the party notice three spellcasters who aren’t under the thrall of the monsters but seemingly acting of their own free will with them. One of these casts Fireball dealing significant damage to the party members handling the crowd and killing several villagers. Another caster reveals itself to be a healer casting Prayer of Healing on the lamias. Having regained some HP, the two remaining Lamias come down from their perch to battle the party. In doing so, they open the doors on either side of their platform releasing a hydra and a drider (who is wearing a tattered wedding dress and is clearly Kolo’s cursed mother).


Taking damage from the enemies he’s trying to get passed, Asher casts Silence on one of the lamias. However, the leader lamia uses Geas commanding Asher to ‘sit quietly’ for the duration. Strikes from the party led by Roben bring down the second lamia. The Elementals continue to pick off the mephits and casters. Nym summons a new treant to aid the party as the last of the villagers and children are moved out of the fray. Cora, Karen, and John occupy the hydra killing one of its five heads and landing fire blows to prevent new growth.


Climbing up a pillar, the drider hangs just out of reach of the party raining down arrows. Roben is able to kill the final lamia breaking its hold over Asher who then joins the fight against the hydra. Seeing the utter chaos and death of its masters, the remaining mephits retreat. As they do so, one of the walls of the chamber explodes. Standing there is a blue shield guardian the party immediately recognize from their battle with Kolo. Apparently, it survived the collapse and has been moving towards the amulet worn by Nym who now can command it. Through the hole in the wall from behind the shield guardian also emerges Jorg, who takes a few shots at the casters as he comes to the aid of his frequent companions.

Focused now primarily on the hydra, Karen suddenly bolts towards it. Her human demeanor and visage changes as she becomes a ravenous, vicious looking humanoid resembling a vampire. She pounces on one of the heads of the hydra dealing significant biting and clawing damage. It’s suddenly clear to the party that although she’s on their side, Karen is human Vampire Spawn. The party is able to surround the hydra getting into flanking positions to deal maximum damage. They methodically kill each head maintaining fire damage to prevent regrowth. Finally, Asher is able to deliver the final blow killing the beast.

The group turn their attention to the drider who has used its Spider Climb up the pillar halfway to the ceiling. Using their ranged weapons and spells, the party does minimal damage. Finally, they command the Air Elemental to swoop up and consume the drider. It does slamming the drider twice then flinging it off the pillar to the floor below where the drider is knocked prone. The Earth Elemental then moves in on the drider smashing it to death under its rock fists.

The party is victorious.



Upon leaving the cavern lair of the lamias, the party rounds up the villagers and children taking them back to the refugee settlement. Once there, Cora thanks the group for a mighty adventure, collects her pay, and disappears into the woodlands.

Karen thanks the party as well as she attempts to find the remnants of her Monton soldiers to marshal the remaining townspeople back to their homes. However, she knows the party have questions about her which she still needs to keep secret. Reluctantly but feeling she can trust the party, she explains how Swith Masmond (then a youth barely out of his teens but convinced he was a swashbuckling hero) saved her from her cruel Vampire master. Swith thought he was rescuing an imprisoned girl since Karen only looks twelve or thirteen. However, Karen explained to him that by killing her vampire lord, he had set her free. Released from the vampire’s control, she pledged her fealty to Swith becoming his right hand as they returned to Osse. Karen plans to re-settle the villagers and make sure they can rebuild Monton. Refusing to believe Swith is dead until she see his body, Karen will look for her friend in the wilds, track and take down the gnolls and hobgoblins. She thanks the party, and in a moment of genuine kindness, she tells them she’ll always come to their aid when called.

The party travel back to the Moncrief estate. There they discover Mercer waiting for them in his hobo-wanderer form. Having tasked the party with terminating the lamias and promising them rewards, he is there to give the party members what they want. He can send each of those whom he had brought to Osse back to their lives (Nym, John, Roben, and Asher). Or, and he strongly encourages this, award each of them high status here in the county of Larrissone to help rebuild, maintain, and grow it.

John and Nym realize they’ve lost the power to cast the spells the lamias had granted them as boons. Knowing the church of Pelor was corrupted but there are still many lay people who believe in Pelor, John agrees to stay and help rebuild the church. An angelic smile spreads across Mercer’s face. In a flash of light, he transports John to the ruins of the Pelorian cathedral in Bas Eldritch. There in his Deva form he presents John to the surviving faithful clergy as the new Bishop of Larrissone. The clergy are astonished but seem to know Mercer in this form and defer to him. He tells them John will find his way to them soon presenting John with a key that will open the bishop’s chamber where he can begin to rebuild the church and library. He then brings John back to the estate in a blink of an eye patting him on the back in his hobo form.

Nym is sad at the loss of her treant summoning spell but now has the blue shield guardian as constant protector. She agrees to use her druidic powers to tend the ley lines running across the county connecting the Corse Ruins. Pleased, Mercer provides her with several beautiful though eerie looking crystals which will aid her in stabilizing the natural magic of the region. He also gives her detailed maps of the Corse Ruins and the treasures that may be found there and in various other magical locales in the county.

Asher knows there’s much more to see of Osse, but he is intrigue by the idea of establishing his own monastic order. He decides to stay on in Larrissone if briefly to help rebuild before taking what the native Osselanders call a ‘walkabout.’ Mercer grants Asher deep insight into the holy and magical places throughout Larrissone and the larger continent. He also quietly slips into Asher’s waist band the dead to the Margrave’s Summer Estate outside of Monton saying that should he want it, the land is there for him to use as he sees fit.

Roben glad for the adventure and the treasure that came out of it twirls the Tavern Dart–a dart that when thrown creates a full functioning two-story tavern wherever it lands. He decides to stay in Larrissone to find a place to open his small business.

Jorg never quite found he fit with The Inquisitors, but has made more than a fair bit of coin over his time involved with the party. He decides to keep roving but to spend some money in Bas Eldritch to establish himself. Mercer gives Jorg a large disc amulet explaining that if he were to present it to the Merchants’ Guild, he would find himself the new Guild Master. The business, both white and black market, of the Merchants’ Guild might just be up Jorg’s ally. 

The coin and gems the party had hidden appear before each of them then seems to transform into gold coins and pour into in tidy sacks each divided equally among them and padded slightly through Mercer’s own math (500 gold coins in each). He thanks the party for their patience promising never to drag them or any others unwillingly into such a scheme again. Each party member’s chroma stone now begins to glow a bright gold as Mercer explains they can now use the stone to request his aid at any time. Mercer then disappears in a blind flash of radiant light. 

The party seem to feel a giant weight lift from their shoulders. Just then Celia enters. Her face is one of surprise but gladness at seeing them all alive and well. She explains she was just in the dining hall when a sudden burst of light filled it. When Celia regained her vision it was fill with food and drink.


A celebration awaits…

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