By The Skin of Its Teeth, FC United Barely Stay Up


Staying up in League Two was no easy matter. The team experienced two 6 game winless streaks and one run of 7 winless matches at the very end of the season which almost guaranteed relegation. The problem seemed to be a lack of cohesion and the reality that several players just couldn’t perform at this level.


Over the off-season a major rebuilding had to be undertaken. There were, however, players who seemed to develop at a faster rate being exposed to better quality opponents. Midfielders James Murphy and Jason Morris seemed to lockdown starting spots leading me to decide to bring in a third starting central midfielder, Estonian Mattias Kait.

However, everywhere else on the pitch continued to be a problem. In attack, a lack of true wingers meant I had to re-train several strikers. The results were poor and compounded by the fact that Andrew Nelson and Jason Gilchrist don’t seem able to successfully play at the League Two level. Picking up striker Ricky German gave a glimmer of hope.

In defense, fullbacks remain a void and the centerback pairings have shown themselves to be inconsistent at best. I took a risk on Jordan Mills at leftback buttressing him with loanees, never really found anyone at rightback. I poached Josh Meekings from a relegated from League Two Salford reasoning he had at least two years experience in the league and could perform better than what we had. Similarly, I picked up Connor O’Grady from the National league’s Billericay, a team that seems to keep just missing promotion.  

Beginning the 2022 season, FC United feel like a bit of a patchwork team, and I think I’m going to have to add pieces all throughout the season just to keep our heads above water. The goal is bring in 49 points again, but that will be challenge.

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