Spellcrafting–My First D&D Homebrew, 5 Spells

I’ve been DM-ing since November of last year. Prior to this I had never actually gotten to play Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. A couple of my friends had also never gotten the chance to play be grew up with it and wanted to give it a go while a few more had played as kids and continued to play as an adult. I’m a quasi-fantasy writer, so I thought it would be a good mix.

I’ve been keeping a broad strokes campaign diary. Lately, however, I’ve become interested in creating not just the story, NPCs, places, and things but also some of the content. So I decided to try my hand at making some homebrew spells.

The impression I get from the more experienced gamers online is that homebrew content is frequently way too powerful and/or too specific to a particular campaign. With that in mind, I decided to steer into the skid.

My party members have been dealing with Drow, portals and teleport pads, petty local politics, witches, folklore, and random nasty monsters. They are currently about to face a baddie and their reward is set in game as coming from a coven of powerful witches–unique spells allowing them to overcome the current villain. So I dug through an old Player’s Handbook my mother discovered in her basement and mailed to me to find some discontinued spells.


I’ve made five spells. Two are designed for the druid in the party and two for the sorcerer in the party. The fifth spell (Spike Stones) I may not use or will just make available to all the spellcasters at the table.

5 spells


Dimensional Travel and Suspend Death are the two spells I think might be the most useful in this campaign for the players. However, I think they’re all pretty solid spells. Making them 4th and 5th level I think makes them reasonable. With Dimensional Travel and Suspend Death, I worked into the spell a consequence for using the spell which I think prevents it from being overly powerful yet still useful.

If you’d like to use them for your campaign, I’ve made them available through D & D Beyond:


Suspend Death

suspend death

Dimensional Travel

dimensional travel

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