A New Nessy: Nashville SC’s Home Opener

The Assembly and The Roadies Usher in Nashville SC’s Home Opener in USL

pano from supporters section


I’ve been writing on soccer again here and there. Nothing official mind you but I rather do love the sport and covering it. However, there are a slew of soccer journalists out there and those few paying positions are occupied by those with more talent and resources than I.  Still, on occasion, I tire to contribute.

This last weekend, my wife and I treated two friends of ours who live in Nashville to a soccer match. It was Nashville SC’s home opener. I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to write something up on what was almost a record setting night attendance-wise. The editors over at Midfield Press, a site I used to write for, were open to me me doing a piece and graciously got me a press pass.




I bought four tickets, drove two hours down to Nashville, rallied up my friends, spent the first half in the press box and the second down on the ground in the supporters section. It was a pleasant game, and I hope to return this summer to cover a few more Nashville SC home matches.

While Nashville SC isn’t the only team I follow. Minnesota United is the team I give most of my energy and love towards but I definitely have room for more. NSC is, however, the closest team to where I live, so it behooves me to support them. But there are quite a few ancillary reasons why Nashville drew me.

Justin Davis, a longtime Minnesota player, now plays for Nashville (alongside Michael Reed, another ex-Minnesota player) and the team’s colors are very similar to what Minnesota’s were when it was know as the Minnesota Stars, six or seven years ago.




In fact during that time, my wife knit a hand-sized Loch Ness monster as a kind of supporter craft for the team. The logic being, Minnesota played at a field called the National Sports Center or NSC, which is easily said similar to Nessy. This then inspired one long-time Minnesota fan who is Scottish to dress for all home games in a Nessy onesie and harangue the opposition goalkeeper.


Nessy enjoying a craft beer in support of NSC


So it made sense, to our minds, to bring down Nessy to see the new NSC because they shared the same colors and love of the game.





steven robinson the roadies
Roadies capo Steven Robinson revving up the supporters section

I have an ongoing suggestion for The Assembly (@TheAssemblyNash) and The Roadies (@NSCRoadies)–sing The Clash’s Rudie Can’t Fail as a chant changing it to ‘Nash-ville Can’t Fail.’ Mostly because I fucking love that song.

I also admire the supporters for finding a Tom Waits song they can make their own (a bit in the way Detroit City FC uses The Pogues’ Dirty Old Town).

In the 13th minute. the supporters sing Waits’ Picture In A Frame to honor the founding of the club). 


It was a good experience and a pleasant match to watch. Again, I hope to write more on the team in the future. 

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