Turning FC United Professional

My 3-yr plan for FC United of Manchester was a success. The team has risen to League Two and are now fully professional. What this means is, we’ve got to fight to stay up and make the team permanently pro. It’s a more difficult task than you would think.


The first step is consolidation, meaning avoiding relegation. I think the team I put together is strong enough to stay up. However, it is still too streaky as it fluctuates wildly from one extreme to the other–four game win streak to six matches without a point. Finding balance will be key.

My second 3-yr plan will be much more difficult but I think it’s doable. Several players are already showing they can perform at this level (James Murphy, James Hooper, and Tom Brewit). I’m still trying to find a formation that brings out the best in the players I have. I think a 4-3-2-1 Wide (or 4-5-1) would work best. Unfortunately, the formation is very shallow on goals.

I’ll keep experimenting. I love two strikers and deploying the old Sir Alex 4-4-2 so I may try to craft something in that direction. Here’s my first successful Twitch stream of FM18, I’ll try to make it a regular Friday thing:

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