The VideoKid > Ready Player One

I dunno why people are suddenly all about shitting on Ready Player One.


Well, no, I do know why and nearly every critique of it is spot on. I do think it’s funny that when the novel was released it was hugely popular and folks were dying to talk about it being made into a movie.

The movie looks terrible. That ought to be expected. The novel was entertaining but, ultimately, forgettable. It should never have been anything anyone thought about longer than the time it took (roughly three hours) to read. Expecting or wanting it to be more is, to my mind, simply misplaced criticism. 


Having said that, I’ll probably hatewatch the flick.

In the meantime, I think we all should just chill out and play video games. Specifically, The Videokid, a game that is probably better thematically and plot-wise than Ready Player One as well as more fun. 

So, here is me streaming my gameplay of The Videokid. I’ll never gitgud, rather just have fun.



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