You’re Not Even from Around Here

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a poem accepted and included in the Winter 2018 issue of The Rise Up Review (@riseupreview), “a landing site for the poetry of opposition.”

This poem, ‘You’re Not Even from Around Here,’ went through several edits in conversation with the review’s editors, and I am grateful to them for seeing the poem’s potential and pushing me to refine it.

rise up poem

I am a Green in a blood Red state. This poem is meant as a challenge to myself and others.

Most of the residents of the small Southern town I live in (which is a mirror of the small town where I grew up in the North) have never left the region. There’s a statue to the Confederacy in the town square. Not infrequently, Klan and other white supremacist groups make their presence gladly known all while a vocal ‘Blue Lives Matter’ contingent simmers.


I could bury my head. I could complain and posture rolling my eyes but never challenging it. Or, I could join assert wherever I am is not just my home, but our home.

I will not allow it to become a place of casual hate or allow myself complacency; I hope the poem captures this quality of resistance.

This poem is part of a larger poetry collection titled It’s Not About You I completed last year and am looking to find a home at a press.

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