Interlude, The Backwater Gambit Campaign Diary 7

Interlude, Campfire Revelation



After leaving the ruins of the maze and making camp in the woods a safe distance away, Roben and Asher talk around the fire about the adventure. They wonder where exactly Talice Quavael ended up. Neither know where the Underdark city of Ust Natha is. Remembering the small wooden globe he found in the Usurer’s Tower, Jorg fishes the token out of his pack. Inspecting it more closely, he realizes it’s a map of their world, Toril. 

Tossing it over the fire to the others, “Check this out and see if anything looks familiar.”

Asher catches the globe but seems at a lost, so he passes it off to Roben who brings it up closer to his eyes. He sees the continents, but there are no names on it.


Jorg comes over and gestures to the largest, central continent.

“Faerun.” Both Roben and Jorg say at the same time.

“So where are we now?” Asher asks.

Roben rubs his thumb over the surface of the globe, “There’s a seam here. I think this opens or something.”

Taking it back, Jorg runs a fingernail along the line of the seam. Accidentally, he flicks it open and inside are tiny, intricate carvings.


“Have you guys ever seen anything like this before?”

Roben and Asher shake their heads. Handing it back over to Roben for him to inspect, the Aasimar sees an inscription written along the circumference in Celestial. Raising it up for Asher to better see, “Well, this says something about a woodcarvers’ guild in Darromar.

Asher nods, “And there’s a line here in Infernal.”

“It’s newer.” Roben adds.

“‘For a new start in the unknown lands of Osse.‘” Asher nods, “Well, I suppose that means we’re in Osse.”

“Of course we’re in Osse.” Jorg scoffs.

Both Roben and Asher are takenback. “What do you mean, ‘of course’?” Roben asks.

“I’m from the Sword Coast.” Jorg says matter-of-factly. “I came here to get a fresh start.”

“You knew we were in Osse this whole time?” Asher says incredulously.

“How did you not?”

“We told you, we didn’t know how we got here.”

“I thought you just meant like, that tower.” Jorg begins to laugh. “So you four had no idea you’re on the other side of the world?” Both Asher and Roben shake their heads.

“Well, yeah, here we are in far eastern Osse.”

“How did you get here?” Asher asks.

“Boats, horses, boats, donkeys, wagons, walking, boats, walking, and walking.” Jorg shrugs. “Stuff like that.”

“John and Nym will be glad to hear this news.” Roben mutters looking into the fire and feeling relaxed.

Jorg crosses back over to the other side of the fire shaking his head and still chuckling a bit, “I can’t believe you guys didn’t know where you were.”

“I can’t believe it never occurred to you to tell us.” Asher says.

“Why would it?” Laying down, Jorg pulls his hood up. “Most people kinda assume everyone knows where they are.” As he drifts off to sleep, there’s still a smile on his face.

“Still.” Asher says then proceeds to meditate before drifting off to sleep himself.

Watching the campfire’s flames slowly die out, Roben mutters to himself, “Still, why did they bring us here?”



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