October Horror

Here are all the horror movies watched during the month of October as part of my October Horror project of watching at least one horror movie every day of the month.


In total, I watched 38 movies and some select episodes of a television show. I was tempted to rate them all but decided against it. I will say that some new-to-me films really stuck with me and deserve admiration: Hush, It Follows, They Look Like People, and The Eyes of My Mother.


One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed about horror films, they are not masculine movies. By this I mean that the best horror films seem to always revolve around feminine fear and/or terror. When a horror film is male-centered, too often it’s merely a take on heterosexual insecurity or something riddled with misogyny. The quality horror films I’ve seen this month aren’t misandrist but are unconcerned with masculinity and more focused on what women do or, rather, undergo.


Also, the best horror films are less about the supernatural or the evil that humanity does and more concerned with how it’s possible to fit into the world or bring accord between one’s subjectivity and the other’s objectivity. Discord is at the heart of the horror film. 


October 1

Little Evil: Not a bad flick, middle of the road. 

The Ninth Gate: A good flick that does exactly what it wants.


October 2

The Sixth Sense: A genuinely good ghost story & excellent film. 

The Addams Family: Light-hearted darkness capturing the glee of Halloween.


October 3

Mr. Brooks: A good movie on the inner life of a serial killer.

Zodiac: How the gravity of serial killer alters those around it, but, ultimately, a weak film. 

From Dusk Til Dawn: A farcical gorefest meant to appeal to your lizard brain.


October 4

Silence of the Lambs: A brilliant film presenting criminality in a truly horrifying manner.


October 5

The Shining: Vintage performances blending madness with possession.

Constantine: A pleasing action horror film.


October 6

The Devil’s Advocate: There is nothing dangerous, foreboding, or sexy about this devil movie and as such it fails.

The Craft: A great teen movie & a fantastic witch tale.


October 7

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween Episodes


October 8

What We Do In The Shadows: A brilliant comedy especially for vampire story fans.

Stir of Echoes: A good blend of haunting, possession, and psychic horror.


October 9

Ravenous: An underrated flick with some rather strong moments.


October 10

Raw: A quality film, disturbing and itchingly unsettling.


October 11

May: A criminally undervalued & under-seen indie horror masterpiece.


October 12

Coraline: A neo-fairytale that is perhaps the perfect child’s Halloween movie.


October 13

Kiss of the Damned: This is a terrible movie: stupid, lazy, and boring.


October 14 

Hush: A stylized, frenetic story instilling a terror that will linger long after viewing.


October 15

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House: A film that promises much and fails to fulfill it.

October 16

The Babysitter: A stupid, fun splatter flick.


October 17

It Follows: A contemporary masterpiece of horror but also just a genuinely good film.


October 18

Honeymoon: A disappointing, woefully unbalanced film. 

October 19

Let the Right One In: A deeply satisfying, revitalizing vampire tale.


October 20

Nosferatu: The definitive vampire movie.


October 21

Night Watch and Day Watch: Promising and at moments very entertaining but ultimately unsatisfying.

October 22

The Amityville Horror: It is distressing this film was made.


October 23

They Look Like People: A chilling film mining the depths of deep fear.


October 24

Creep: At best this is a mediocre stage play shoehorned into a ‘scary movie.’

October 25

The Devil’s Candy: Adequate and forgettable.


October 26

The Eyes of My Mother: One of the best horror films I’ve ever seen–intense, artful, terrifying, and moving.


October 27

Neon Demon: A delightfully wicked coven story revealing us all as grotesquely culpable.


October 28

The Babadook: A genuinely chilling and original monster movie.


October 29

Skeleton Key: Not a good flick yet certainly entertaining enough.

October 30

The Final Girls: A keen slasher comedy that’s quite entertaining.


October 31

The Lost Boys: A contemporary classic.

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