October Horror: Day 31, Lost Boys

Day 31

Lost Boys


Although not my favorite vampire film, The Lost Boys is still one of my favorite movies ever. A good deal of this is due to nostalgia but not an insignificant bit is because the film was and is a unique take on the vampire. 

While it might be easy to say this is merely Goonies with vampires that wouldn’t quite do this film justice. It’s pacing is solid and the fact that it sits comfortably at the pre-adolescent and new adolescent level embodying fears about belonging and ones body changing makes it more than just a kid’s action flick. There’s not much that needs to be said about this. I love the soundtrack, the general aesthetic which was entirely its own and owed nothing to the 80s; this was one of those great movies of the decade where the characters didn’t look like anyone of the time yet embodied what people wanted to see as cool or sinister or casual.

A contemporary classic.


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